Why Oversize Tees are Amazing

Why Oversize Tees are Amazing

In recent years, oversize tees have had a renaissance in terms of popularity. Hip-hop and street fashion have taken off, and the oversize look is becoming fashionable in other areas, too. Here are some reasons why you should get yourself some oversize tees.

With a looser fit, oversize tees can make for a much more comfortable option. Flowing freely, they fit loosely around the body and allow for ventilation and for breezes to pass over your skin—the perfect option for warm weather, especially in Malaysia! For many, an oversize tee represents a relaxed and comfortable look worn on casual days.

Fashionable options
In recent years, oversize tees have become a key part of streetwear fashion, usually paired with tighter pants, leggings, or yoga pants to accentuate the bagginess of the tee. There are many examples of oversize tees being released by many famous designers, and even Kanye West’s clothing line includes oversize tess.

Flattering for muscular frames
Oversize tees worn over solid and muscular frames can look great. The tee can drop down directly from larger shoulders and contribute to a really great look.

Great for some sports
Oversize tees are the perfect choice for certain active hobbies like skateboarding, for example. Jumping on a set of wheels is a great way to build up a sweat and, given their looser fit, oversize tees do not show patches as prominently as their tighter-fitting counterparts.

Ideal for warm weather
Given that oversize tees don’t cling as closely to the body and can permit for ventilation, they can be the perfect option for the summer months.

If you ever find yourself looking for an oversize tee, remember they are what we do here in Kloft. :)