Ways to wear an Oversize Tee

Ways to wear an Oversize Tee

Oversize tees are really comfortable and great for lounging around all day. They are great for relaxation, but they can also be worn in a fashionable way if styled correctly. They're inherently comfortable, cool, and easy to move around in. There are as many possibilities as you can imagine when it comes to styling an oversize tee. You can keep it casual, dress it up, or, if the shirt is long enough, wear it as a dress.

Here's how to wear a comfy, oversize tee and still look stylish.

1. Tuck it in.

If you're simply after the oversize tee's roomy sleeves, then simply tuck the shirt into your bottoms to keep your shape. You can also opt to wear baggy jeans for a high-volume ensemble.

2. Wear it as a dress.

Girls, here's a no-brainer way of wearing your oversize tee. Simply treat the shirt like a dress and you're good to go. For a more casual vibe, slip on some chunky sneaks to complete the look.

3. Pair with shorts.

If you want to try out this new athleisure trend but isn't quite sure what to wear with it, then the answer lies in the ever reliable oversize tee. 

4. Tuck halfway.

Don't know how else to style the loose shirt? A half tuck will never let you down. This styling technique look great when you're wearing track pants, too!

5. Roll up the sleeves.

Sometimes, the simplest tweaks make all the difference. Just take a look at this oversized shirt with rolled up sleeves. This technique gives the outfit a quick stylish nudge to keep it from looking too plain. Note that you can also add a sleeveless trench here if you want some light layering.

6. Layer under a fitted long sleeved top.

Speaking of layering, when you're traveling to a colder place, don't discount the merit of bringing an oversized shirt. This piece can give an interesting twist to your layers especially when worn over a fitted shirt. To pull off this trick, you can employ this simple hack: choose your pieces in similar shades to make them look cohesive.

7. Wear it with slim fit jeans and sneakers. 

This is a very simple look that can be worn around the house, to run errands, or out to lunch with a friend. Choose a pair of jeans that are fairly tight on you. You can wear any sneakers, but a pair of solid-colored sneakers would be especially nice.

8. Go for sweatpants to be ultra comfortable. 

Luckily, wearing lounge-wear and sportswear are acceptable now to wear as a fashionable outfit if styled the right way. Look for an oversized tee in a solid color. Wear a pair of sweatpants that match the color of the shirt. Then, put on a pair solid-colored sneakers or sneakers that match the color of the rest of your outfit.

9. Put on a skirt and heels. 

This is a look that says laid back but also very sexy. You can wear just about any shirt for this look, pair the shirt with a black mini skirt and pair of heels or ankle boots.

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